Economic Development

Fort Worth is home to generations of hardworking families. If they are given economic opportunity, in the form of adequate paying jobs, the city’s entire economy would benefit. However, in District 8 and other parts of the city, there is a shortage of such opportunity. Moreover, we lack options (restaurants, retail, etc.) in-district to spend our dollars. It is important that we incentivize business and put more people to work in well-paying jobs.

This is one of the many areas where expanding public transportation could play a role. Low-income residents sometimes cannot afford a car and all of the associated expenses. Having that access to affordable transportation, simply to travel to work, could make a big difference by allowing residents to broaden their job searches to other areas of the city.

Additionally, we have to make sure that we are incentivizing good-paying, quality jobs, not just minimum wage opportunities. We must prepare our citizens for these types of jobs via workshops and workforce training.